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Frequently Asked Questions

What does propane smell like?
  • Propane gas in its original state does not have an odor. A harmless chemical called ethyl mercaptan is added to give propane its distinctive smell. The smell helps to alert you of the presence of propane and to aide in detecting a leak. The smell can be similar to rotten eggs or a skunk's spray.

How full do you fill a propane tank?
  • Propane tanks are filled to 80% to account for any expansions that happen in the tank. Propane expands in the heat.

Is financial assistance available for buying propane?
When building a new home, can I put my propane tank anywhere?
  • When building a new home it is best to contact us in regards to propane tank placement. The tank needs to follow all county regulations and also needs to be easily accessible for delivery. Please contact us for a free tank locate when building.

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