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Automatic Route Delivery

Let us be responsible for maintaining your tank level to ensure you do not run out of propane. This FREE service guarantees that you will never run out of propane and that you will no longer have to check your gauge. We do not charge a fuel surcharge fee, hazmat fee or any other kind of delivery fee.

Tank Rental

Central Gas Service has a wide variety of tanks available to lease, and the first year is always FREE! We will estimate your usage based on the functionality of your home and the appliances fueled by propane to determine the size of tank you will need.  Leased tanks will be checked and maintained on a continuing basis by a trained technician.

New Customer Referral Program

You can receive a $50 credit when your referral becomes a Central Gas customer and has a 500 gallon or larger tank installed. Simply email us the referral's contact information and we will take it from there.

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