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Level Pay Plan

Cold weather always brings higher heating bills. Our customers appreciate our Level Pay Plan which establishes one set, predictable monthly payment for 12 months. It replaces unpleasant price spikes with regular, level payments that make it much easier to plan ahead, stick to a budget and save. The Level Pay amount is calculated by estimating your average usage and applying this year’s energy prices to arrive at your monthly payment. We review your account throughout the year to determine if your usage or price of propane has increased or decreased and to ensure that you are paying an adequate amount. The Level Pay Plan provides peace of mind, knowing your heating bills are taken care of and your tank is always full.

Yearly Contracts

Purchasing part of your supply of propane during the summer months allows you to maintain the same price per gallon throughout the heating season. It eliminates the chance of unexpected bills and rising prices while giving you peace of mind knowing that your tank will be filled on a regular basis. We currently offer three different contract options –

       Option 1: Pay As You Go

  • Pay As You Go allows you to pay for your propane upon delivery. A $0.10/gallon deposit is required with the signed contract and the remainder per gallon will be billed at the time of delivery.

    Option 2: Fixed Monthly Payments

  • Similar to the Level Pay Plan, the Fixed Monthly Payment option allows you to take your contracted gallons times the contract price divided over 7 months (September-March) to give you your monthly payment. No deposit is required.

    Option 3: Prepay

  • The Prepay option allows you to pay for all your contracted propane by August 31st of each year. Any gallons delivered over the contract will be billed at rack price.

  • For any contract propane not delivered by March 31st, the value will revert back to a credit on your account. If you would like to contract but are unsure of the number of gallons you will use, please do not hesitate to call. Contracting gives your peace of mind knowing you are locked in for the heating season.

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